Hydrogen strategies worldwide


More and more countries around the world are presenting hydrogen strategies. Our service helps to keep track of them.

Germany's energy transition policy, which for a long time focused only on direct electrification, has added a central pillar with the National Hydrogen Strategy (German, download here). And countless countries within and outside the EU have now also presented their own hydrogen strategies, and many other countries around the world are currently preparing such strategies. The aim in each case is to define a comprehensive, country-specific framework for the future production, transport and use of hydrogen. The World Energy Council Germany published an analysis in September 2021 and derived recommendations (download here).

Which hydrogen strategies there are overall and which types of hydrogen, which central messages and which goals are described, is shown exclusively and in detail in a continuously updated overview, which is available to member companies of the VDMA Power-to-X for Applications on request and which can be requested here