New version of OPC UA for Machinery published


OPC UA for Machinery as a basic specification for mechanical engineering

Extensive efforts are currently being made in around 35 VDMA working groups to standardize industry-specific machine interfaces using OPC UA Companion Specifications. There are contents that are not only relevant for the respective industry, but also for large parts or even the entire mechanical and plant engineering industry. These should be mapped in a correspondingly uniform manner and not differently for each individual industry. This is the purpose of the OPC UA for Machinery specification. In a sense, OPC UA for Machinery forms the universal foundation for all VDMA OPC UA Companion Specifcations.

To enable early adaptation, the development and publication of content takes place step by step in so-called building blocks. This reduces the development time and thus makes it possible to use content that would otherwise not yet be public. Depending on the requirements, only certain or all Building Blocks can be used in the industry-specific Companion Specifications. This also applies to use without industry-specific Companion Specifications.

OPC UA for Machinery Part 1 freely available

The first part of the specification with the Building Blocks "Machine Identification" and "Finding all Machines in a Server" was already published in September 2020. Now this part has been supplemented by the Building Blocks "Component Identification" and "Finding all Components of a Machine" by publishing a new version. This new version is available for download since mid-February 2021.

To the download

The implemented use cases for the identification of machines and components form the basis for the target image "Plug & Work", as aggregates of different industries can be identified in the same way and enable a machine and manufacturer-independent identification between various network participants.

The work continues

This publication will be followed by work on the topic of "Machine States". Through this use case, among other things, data for calculating standard times for determining effectiveness (see ISO 22400, DIN 8743 or VDI 3423) should be made available in a harmonized manner. Orders and programs will also be considered, since in practice these are closely linked to the machine status. The publication of this topic is also planned for 2021.


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