Ulrich Ackermann now on LinkedIn!


Follow the activities of VDMA Foreign Trade on LinkedIn.

In order to make the diverse activities of VDMA Foreign Trade also known to a broader public and to find and address new contacts worldwide for the export-relevant topics of mechanical engineering, VDMA Foreign Trade is expanding its communication on LinkedIn.

The head of the department, Ulrich Ackermann, will post all important information from the department and also relevant information from the VDMA on export-relevant topics on LinkedIn. Follow Ulrich Ackermann on LinkedIn and stay up to date.

All our posts will be tagged with the hashtag #VDMAexport. Other VDMA sections will also use this with export topics. You can also follow #VDMAexport.

Other colleagues from the foreign trade department are active on LinkedIn. They provide information according to their main areas of work:

  • Christine Döhler informs about general trade fair, country and export topics.
  • Dr. Susanne Engelbach informs about the focus on export financing.
  • Monika Hollacher informs about the markets Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
  • Niels Karssen from the VDMA Brussels office will provide information on EU trade policy.
  • Dr. Alexander Koldau informs about the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Rajesh Nath, head of the VDMA office in India, reports on the activities of the VDMA India.
  • Thomas Junqueira Ayres Ulbrich reports from the VDMA office in Sao Paulo on current topics for the mechanical engineering sector in the Brazilian and Latin American markets and what moves the 320 VDMA members in Brazil.

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