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The Air Pollution Control Division began development of a Companion Specification for "Process Air Extraction and Filtration Systems" in July 2019. The aim is to develop a standardized interface for the exchange of data between process air extraction and filtration systems among themselves, to upstream machines, to supporting systems or into higher-level manufacturing systems in a manufacturer- and platform-independent communication network.


With increasing digitalization of production for the future Industry 4.0, standardized interfaces for industrial communication on and between different levels are indispensable. The VDMA is addressing this challenge holistically and within its trade associations on an industry-specific basis. Based on the emerging future standard OPC UA (OPC Unified Architecture), it is driving the development of accompanying specifications for industries and use cases, so-called OPC UA Companion Specifications.

In July 2019, the OPC UA Air Pollution Control Working Group began developing a Companion Specification for process air extraction and filtration systems. The goal is to develop a standardized interface for data exchange between process air extraction and filtration systems among themselves, to upstream machines, to supporting systems (e.g. technical ventilation, conveyor systems) or into higher-level manufacturing systems (e.g. MES) in a manufacturer- and platform-independent communication network.

The result will enable mechanical engineering to implement a uniform cost-effective interface with a uniform information model according to the service- and object-oriented OPC UA standard.



The initiative and motivation to deal with the topic of OPC UA in air pollution control (process air technology) was taken by companies from the mechanical and plant engineering sector at the exchange of experiences of the Managing Directors Air Pollution Control at the end of 2018.

At the kick-off meeting on 15 July 2019, a VDMA working group was formed. This is seen as a precursor to a joint working group with the OPC Foundation. An additional call to OPC Foundation members will be launched shortly. To date, 12 meetings of the VDMA working group OPC UA Air Pollution Control have taken place.

The first meetings focused on the discussion of the possible interfaces (SS) and communication levels: Machine to filter system, filter system to machine, filter system to building management system (BMS). In order to better categorize the multitude of machines and components, the machines and components were to be classified into machine types. Machines of the same machine type were assigned an umbrella term to form clusters. The machine types were concretized and system boundaries were defined. To determine the communication network between machine types and other communication partners, an overview of the communication network of machine types and communication partners was created. Possible communication intentions between machine types were worked out. A communication partner can be an interconnected process participant (starting point for horizontal use cases) or a higher-level process participant (e.g. master computer, starting point for vertical use cases).

A comprehensive variable/parameter list for a variety of separators (filtering separators, mass force separators, electrostatic separators, wet separators) was created and continuously added to. This list was in turn used to create an object hierarchy, which is used to structure the information model.

The object hierarchy was checked by the manufacturers to determine whether the applicability of the object hierarchy was optimal on the basis of examples (use cases) and whether the hierarchical logics presented were suitable. In coordination with other professional associations and already published CS, currently missing data types in the parameter list are defined and the clarification of the vertical or horizontal communication (automatic release) takes place. Subsequently, information modelling or editing will be started with VDMA Service GmbH as a partner.

In the past 17 months, the Air Pollution Control Department of the VDMA General Air Technology Association has started the development of the Companion Specification with the member companies:

•           AFOTEK GmbH

•           Büchel GmbH Luftreinhaltung und Anlagenbau

•           DELBAG GmbH

•           Dürr Systems AG

•           Herding GmbH Filtertechnik


•           ILT Industrie-Luftfiltertechnik GmbH

•           indusa GmbH

•           Infastaub GmbH

•           Scheuch LIGNO GmbH

•           ts-systemfilter gmbh

•           ULT AG

under the direction of the chairman Mr. Benjamin Wirth, ULT AG, Löbau.

Passively participating companies are: CFT GmbH Compact Filter Technic, DFT GmbH Deichmann Filter Technik, ESTA Apparatebau GmbH & Co KG, Heinz Fischer KG, Kalthoff Luftfilter und Filtermedien GmbH, KEMPER GmbH and TROX X-Fans GmbH.

With the kick-off of the Joint Working Group planned for February 25, 2021, the group of participants is expected to expand to include additional companies and organizations.



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