3rd Flagship Industrie 4.0 Event


On 18th of November 2020, VDMA will be the main association sponsor for the 3rd Flagship Industrie 4.0 B2B event organised by GMECS. VDMA, the German Engineering Association, shaped the term Industrie 4.0. Today VDMA and its VDMA Forum Industrie 4.0 are constantly driving it forward, one of our main goals is to promote German Industry 4.0 products and solutions to this major market.

VDMA is together with BITKOM and ZVEI the main association who shaped the term Industrie 4.0. Today VDMA is constantly driving it forward with the Platform Industrie 4.0 which is the largest and most diverse Industrie 4.0 network worldwide and its VDMA Forum Industrie 4.0.

In China, Industrie 4.0 has developed to a major topic.

VDMA Germany and VDMA China will introduce the annually reoccurring flagship event Industrie 4.0 in China.

The main purpose is to demonstrate to the Chinese market that Industrie 4.0 is a German topic and VDMA and its members are one of the main drivers.

The event shall inform Chinese end users about "What is really behind Industrie 4.0".

Together with the VDMA Mechanical Engineering Summit China, this Industrie 4.0 flagship event shall become the biggest VDMA event in China.

The platform shall be promoting the OPC UA standard as the main standard for Industrie 4.0 related technologies in machine to machine communication.

The Main Topics of 2020:

  • What is the status quo of Industrie 4.0 in Germany vs. China now?
  • How is the topic OPC UA developing internationally but also in China?
  • What is the big picture of Industrie 4.0?
  • Where do we go from here?
  • How to connect the topic Industrie 4.0 with cloud systems and artificial intelligence?
  • How do machines deliver data to the cloud and AI data from the clouds?
  • What cloud solutions are available in China? What is available internationally?
  • How is AI developing in terms of manufacturing solutions?
  • How is software developing in terms of smart manufacturing?

Meanwhile, the Industrie 4.0 leading companies such as ifm, Balluff, Lenze, PEPPERL+FUCHS, Festo, Weidmüller, SAP and ABP will also share their own progresses with you.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to learn the latest updated hands-on knowledge and share experiences with industrial experts!

GMECS reserves the right for the final adjustments in terms of the event agenda.

Green "Sui Shen Ma" will be asked to show at the entrance.
If you have been in a high risk area in the last 14 days or have had fever, cough or other respiratory symptoms, we kindly advise you NOT to attend this event due to security measurements.

Please find the following link for detailed information and registration: