Manufuture Network: Overcoming the crisis with modern production technologies


In an open letter, the European Technology Platform "Manufuture" calls upon policy makers to give the production sector more consideration in the "Next Generation EU"-recovery plan: The reasoning: Innovative production technologies not only create jobs, but are also essential for a sustainable and resilient economy.

The Recovery Plan aims to make the European economy greener, more digital and more resilient. In the view of Manufuture, a European production research network, this can only be achieved by boosting innovation in production technologies: "The environmental impact of products is determined at the design stage of products and production processes," explains Maurizio Gattiglio, Manufuture-chairman and Executive Director of Prima Electro. "Modern, digital production and engineering methods are the key for sustainability and competitiveness". Also the resilience demanded by politicians can only be ensured with performant production processes: "With flexible and digital factories, Europe will remain competitive and adaptive as a business location," emphasises Gattiglio.

"With flexible and digital factories, Europe will remain competitive and adaptive as a business location"

Despite this potential, Europe's manufacturing industry faces several major challenges: rapid technological progress, changing consumer preferences, the scarcity of raw materials and the fierce global competition are putting pressure on companies. SMEs in particular need low-barrier access to modern technologies.

In concrete terms, the platform, of which VDMA is also a member, recommends that part of the 750 billion euros of the EU recovery plan should be invested in the development and application of modern manufacturing processes. "In this way, sustainable growth can emerge from an aid programme," says Gattiglio.

The open letter to EU policymakers can be found as a PDF attached.