"Quarantine regulations must be manageable"


The gradual lifting of compulsory quarantine in Germany for entry and return from EU and EFTA countries is the right thing to do. However, the patchwork of regulations is a great nuisance.

Ulrich Ackermann, head of the VDMA Foreign Trade Association, says about the gradual abolition of compulsory quarantine in Germany for entry and return from EU and EFTA countries:

"We welcome the agreement between the Federal Government and the Federal States to end the intra-European travel restrictions and to exempt EU and EFTA states from the quarantine obligation on entry and return travel. Regrettably, however, the patchwork of regulations in terms of content is growing ever larger. Many mechanical engineering companies work nationwide, so that the effort to find out in which federal state who has to be quarantined and under which conditions is hardly manageable. We need nationwide uniform regulations, because in the next few months foreign assignments will increase again worldwide.

"We need uniform regulations nationwide."

In principle, the current quarantine exemptions for the EU and EFTA states apply as long as the cumulative number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is below 50 for the last seven days. However, this may also apply to many countries outside EU and EFTA. It is incomprehensible why the new regulation does not include these other countries . A fundamental revision of the quarantine measures of the federal states is therefore necessary in the sense of the court decision of the Higher Administrative Court of Lower Saxony of 11 May 2020, which demands equal treatment of all countries worldwide".