"Companies need consistent rules"


The measures to combat the corona pandemic must be implemented with consistence. This applies in particular to quarantine rules for persons entering Germany for professional reasons. There must be a smooth, uniform European procedure in this field.

Thilo Brodtmann, Executive Director of VDMA, explains the plans of the Federal Government and the EU for further action in the corona crisis:

"The German mechanical and plant engineering industry supports the decisions made so far by the Chancellor and the governors. In recent weeks and months, the companies in the mechanical engineering sector have been very careful to keep production running. The shop-floor is not a place of particular risk of infection.

It is absolutely essential for us that in the future all measures are not only decided by consensus but also are implemented in a completely uniform manner. Unfortunately, in the individual federal states, and in some cases even in the municipalities, the practical application of the measures decided upon varies completely. This is especially true for quarantine rules for persons entering Germany for professional reasons or returning from an assignment abroad. Here we need to have a smooth, uniform European procedure.

We register the interruptions in the cross-border supply chains with the greatest concern! A particular challenge in this context is the situation in Italy, but also in other affected countries. More solidarity with Europe would also help to maintain the functioning of the German economy.

We therefore welcome the fact that the EU Commission wants to better coordinate the exit strategies of the EU member states with its own roadmap, which was also adopted today. It is right that the Commission is urging member states to reopen borders with neighbouring member states as soon as the epidemiological situation of neighbouring regions has become more alike. It would be fatal for the internal market and, above all, for industry if member states were now to relax their measures internally, but at the same time create national territories with closed borders".