"Alternative dispute resolution is a sign of hope"


The EU and 15 other members of the WTO have agreed on an interim solution to resolve trade disputes - China is also involved.

Ulrich Ackermann, head of VDMA Foreign Trade, explains the establishment of an emergency appeal procedure for trade disputes by the EU and 15 WTO members:

"Multilateralism is not dead. This is impressively demonstrated by the agreement of the EU and another 15 key members of the World Trade Organization WTO on an interim solution for an Appellate Body to resolve disputes in trade matters. It is gratifying that China, an important world trading partner, is also participating in the appeal proceedings. This shows that, despite all differences in trade matters, the country is interested in common rules for dispute settlement.

The EU and the EU member states should now make efforts to win over even more WTO partner states to the system.

The EU and EU Member States should now work to attract more WTO partners to the system. However, the goal must still be to make the WTO dispute settlement system work again. For in case of a further blockade by the USA, the emergency appeal procedure could develop into a parallel WTO. And we don't want that."