Information on the corona virus in China


Since December 2019 a growing number of infections with the novel corona virus has been reported in the city of Wuhan and in the Hubei region. This virus has now also been detected in other regions of China. VDMA member companies have already taken measures.

Currently, the number of cases is rising sharply and the number of deaths is also increasing. It is not clear how fast or how far the virus will spread. The Chinese authorities have imposed travel restrictions on Wuhan and other cities in the Hubei region starting on January 23, 2020. Entry and exit by plane, train, bus or ferry is currently not possible. Other provinces and cities have also imposed restrictions on travel options to varying degrees. On the one hand, this concerns mobility in China and, on the other hand, the possibilities of entering and leaving the country. These travel risks are likely to increase in the short term.
As the situation can change very quickly, below are some links with up-to-date information:
The local VDMA member companies have currently issued a strict travel ban within China and intend to lift the restrictions again, beginning at end of February. This will, however, depend on the risk situation at that time. Here, the recommendations and instructions of the local authorities must be observed. You can find more information under:
The first member companies have also issued a general travel ban for employees to China. Other companies closely follow the recommendations of the Federal Foreign Office or the Robert Koch Institute. At the moment we can only recommend that you keep yourself informed about the health and travel situation on site when planning a trip to China and then make a decision after weighing up the risks.