The safety of products and, in some cases, services is largely regulated by appropriate regulations.

In Europe, these are mainly the relevant EU directives, regulations and other legal acts that describe the essential safety requirements for products. Technical specifications are laid down in the harmonised standards, which are applicable and can be applied in addition to the legislation.

In China, however, technical regulation is mainly carried out through local standards and mandatory certification and approval requirements by public authorities and other third parties. This makes it all the more important for European mechanical and plant engineering and thus for VDMA member companies to obtain targeted information on the country-specific implementation of environmental and technical regulations in China.
Identifying relevant product requirements for successful market access is often time-consuming and expensive – and ultimately, they can decide on the success or failure of the products on the Chinese market. This is exactly where the work of both VDMA representative offices in China begins. In close cooperation with the VDMA headquarters in Frankfurt, four service areas were identified with which the VDMA China offices have distinguished themselves as competent contact persons:

Advice on technical product requirements

This includes individual advice for VDMA members on specific issues relating to existing, but also future regulations in China. In addition, thematic events will be organised in this area on a wide range of topics, which are of great importance for European mechanical and plant engineering. These include regulations on product and machine safety, certification issues, as well as environmental regulations (such as China-RoHS and -REACH, the Chinese environmental tax and the mega-project China Green Manufacturing).
Provide information on product and process-specific environmental requirements
China is initiating many new regulatory environmental requirements for products and production processes as part of its "Made in China 2025" initiative. Their implementation and the associated market surveillance are not easy and therefore often lead to company- or industry-specific inquiries on the part of the VDMA members. In addition to gathering information on the relevant topics, the focus here is on answering member enquiries in as timely and practical as possible.

Lobbying activities on selected regulations

While member information and advice is a major part of the work of VDMA China Offices, a not insignificant part of the resources is invested in commenting on new draft regulations and the existing regulatory framework. This field of activity naturally includes direct discussions with policy makers and other interest groups in China, as well as close cooperation with the Sino-German Government Working Group on Product Safety.

VDMA database for technical regulations outside the EU (DaTeR)

In order to ensure that all VDMA members have access to the most important data and facts about existing regulations in China at all times, all necessary information is collected in the specially created VDMA database for technical regulations (DaTeR). Here, VDMA members not only find information on nationally applicable technical regulations in countries outside the EU, but also get an overview of how they differ from the European regulatory framework. You will also find a number of translated documents and other practical tips and hints – such as on standards research in China.
Important topics for VDMA members are:
  • China Compulsory Certification (CCC)
  • China RoHS
  • China Energy Label
  • China REACH
  • Cybersecurity (VPN & data exchange)
  • Requirements explosion protection
  • Special Equipment Manufacturer Licensing
  • Technical documentation requirements
As Chinese standards often play a crucial role in terms of market access, the range of services is complemented by the following offers:
Electronic standardization newsletter China
This newsletter in English is published every two months and contains information on current developments in the context of Chinese standardization with relevance for market access.

VDMA database on harmonised machine safety standards

This database, which focuses primarily on harmonised standards in support of the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, also contains information on the incorporation of corresponding ISO standards into the Chinese Standard.
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