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VDMA President Dr. Reinhold Festge welcomed guests to the 3rd VDMA Mechanical Engineering Summit 2014 in Shanghai

28.11.2014 | id:6225757

Dr. Reinhold Festge, VDMA-President opened the 3rd VDMA Mechanical Engineering Summit in Shanghai. In his final word he explained, that we have to understand the Chinese belongings better, to reach a long-term success in China.

“Working together in the next Generation of Manufacturing” was the topic of the Inaugural Address by Mr. Kang Jincheng, China Academy of Engineering – VIP guest at our event.

More than 125 participants seized their opportunity at our event to get a closer look to the main topic “innovation”, built up their network at the German machinery and plant engineering sector, joining interesting presentations about Industry 4.0 as well as taking part in an interactive panel discussion of various VDMA members.

The chairman of the IPR working group of the European Chamber of Commerce & Executive Partner at Rouse & Co. International, Mr. Elliot Papageorgiou, familiarized the attentive audience with the commonalities and differences of Imitation and Innovation referring to China.

Before Mr. Papageorgiou hold his formidable speech about Potential & Pitfalls of innovation in China, Dr. Tagscherer from the Fraunhofer ISI & CAS IPM Joint Center of Innovation Research mentioned as a most critical point, that the outcome in comparison to the input, regarding the innovation system, in China is too less.

The afternoon session was split in two parts. In Ballroom A/ B Mr. Gene Wang, Sales and Marketing Director of Bosch Software Innovations, gave a very detailed and clear picture regarding the future factory. Furthermore he gave insides of the high-tech process of material handling, logistics and production concepts. The second speaker was Dr. Martin Kovacik from KraussMaffei. He gave a speech on the topic of “Globalization of Engineering”. In summary, the scope of engineering of KraussMaffei is: find innovation, develop systems and machineries, design to order and manage changes on parts and bills of materials.

At the same time in Ballroom C Mr. Hu Xialong described the effects of Industry 4.0 for the Manufacturing sector with the statement: “The approach of Industry 4.0 enables the manufacturing of individual and customized products at the costs of mass production by a smart factory with high automation and efficiency.” Mr. Hu Xialong visualized the challenges and solutions in the age of Industry 4.0 with many examples, which are already put into practice.

As a next presenter, Dr. Du Pinsheng, Vice President of the R&D Center of Phoenix Contact Nanjing showed his views on the current state of Industry 4.0. He stated that building up a new automation structure and new business processes across the value-added chain is just as important as the set- up of Phoenix Contact’s roadmap to realize Industry 4.0.

Our interactive podium discussion demonstrated, which challenges consist, when local research and development activities will be initiated. The audience was able to take part and share their opinions, experiences and future plans with the other participants. VDMA President Dr. Festge emphasized, that there is not one right way. Every company should find its individual approach.

The “VDMA Mechanical Engineering Summit” is a local member event in China and occurs annually in November in Shanghai. 

Yoo, Daniel
Yoo, Daniel
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