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13th Woodworking Machinery China Management Meeting in 2016

25.07.2016 | id:14342091

13th Woodworking Machinery China Management Meeting took place on the 16th June 2016 by Homag Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Nowadays the communication between a company and their customers or employees is of great importance to a well-functioning company. It influences the development of the market and the promotion of a company. The Chinese intelligence service “WeChat” could be an opportunity for many companies to communicate with their employees and customers, so to use it as a professional communication tool.

The meeting dealt with the following topics:

  • Market development 2016
  • The outlook 2017 of the members
  • “WeChat” as a professional communication tool

In the beginning of the meeting Mr.Dick Qian introduced himself and “Homag Machinery (Shanghai)”.

He shared some general information about “Homag”, like that it was founded in 1960. Also he introduced the “Homag Group” and spoke about the products and the management of it.

After that Mr. Daniel Yoo from “VDMA Shanghai” presented the present business situation in China. He showed up that the German Exports to PR China inclusive Hong Kong were raised by 8% in the first quarter of 2016.

To this presentation there was a following roundtable in which the members could say their opinion to the “Market development 2016 and outlook 2017” and in which they should answer the question: “How do direct Chinese competitors develop and how do they answer to business slowdown?”.

Mr.Cedric Li from “Herdsric” shared his information about “WeChat for Enterprises”. He introduced the different accounts of “WeChat” and the advantages and disadvantages of it. There is for example the “Subscription Account” and the “Service Account” which are both public accounts. Also there is the “Enterprise Account” which is internal management focused.

Then there was a little discussion round in which turned out that every one of the members has a “WeChat Account” and some of the companies like “Leitz”, “Leuco” and “Baumer” have a professional one.

The companies should answer following questions:

  • Was it a company strategy to implement WeChat as a professional communication tool or was it a development by chance?
  • For which other purposes besides marketing are you using WeChat? (Customer service, internal communication, etc.)
  • Do you realize any advantages and do you improve your relationships with your customers by using WeChat?

The most members of the meeting would like to use “WeChat” in their companies because they asked Daniel Yoo to make an account for these meetings so that they don't need to write Mails all the time.

Finally you can say that the meeting was very revealing and showed that the interest in “WeChat” as a professional communication tool is very high.

Bildquelle : VDMA Shanghai Office

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