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China is an extremely important sales market for the metallurgical equipment supplying industry. In addition, Chinese companies are increasingly becoming key players in the global market in these three sectors. For German companies, it is therefore essential to work intensively on the Chinese market and its special features. Since January 2013 VDMA Metallurgy has been participating in the VDMA representative office in Shanghai.

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Foundry machinery
Lightweight design, efficiency, flexibility and the conservation of resources. These objectives set the standards by which the casting industry is measured in comparison with other production processes. Casting solutions can only succeed when they offer the user clear advantages in terms of quality, productivity, effectiveness and safety.
VDMA Metallurgy member companies supply and offer a comprehensive range of equipment, machinery and plants including:
  • Melting and holding furnaces
  • Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • Die casting machines (low/high pressure, gravity)
  • Sand preparation/reclamation machines and plants
  • Moulding machines and plants
  • Core making machines and plants
  • Knock-out, fettling and finishing machines and plants 
  • Environmental protection systems.
These are used in casting processes characterised by:
  • The integration of CAx- and simulation-based technology 
  • Seamless process automation
  • Innovative tooling, moulding and casting concepts
  • Material development in line with requirements
  • Compliance with environmental rules.
Metallurgical plants and rolling mills
The manufacturing and processing of steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals is essential for a wide variety of applications both in industry and everyday life. Metallurgical processes lay the foundation for convenience, quality and safety in a multitude of areas: from structural parts in aircraft through high-span bridge construction to sustainable buildings. Likewise, from lithography plates in newspaper printing to safe car bodies and high-tech utensils for professional kitchens.
VDMA Metallurgy companies develop and produce machinery, equipment, components and plants for the following manufacturing processes:
Prime and raw material processing
  • Iron making
  • Steel production
  • Casting and pouring of steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Shaping of steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Strip processing
  • Finishing processes
  • Energy and environmental protection systems.
The performance and quality of modern metallurgical plants and rolling mills are thus characterised by:
  • Highly automated, flexible and fast procedures
  • Linked process stages
  • Product quality of the highest standards
  • Optimised plant control 
  • Environmental protection advances such as emissions reduction, filtration, regeneration and energy reprocessing.
Thermo process technology
Thermal processes play a vital role in the production and handling of a wide range of industrial and consumer goods, as well as in the recovery of raw materials. They include the controlled heating, melting and cooling of charge materials, which can then be employed in further treatment and development stages. In almost all cases, there are no alternatives to thermal processes.
The range of processes available from VDMA Metallurgy members includes:
  • Heating, reheating and soaking
  • Drying and cooling
  • Hardening, annealing, carburising, nitriding
  • Melting, holding, closing
  • Firing, sintering and tempering
  • Brazing and welding
  • Cracking
  • Coating with metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Thermal recycling, pyrolysis.
Thermo process plants, machinery and components are used for just about all thermal processes. The equipment available begins with small laboratory furnaces, leading to medium-sized induction and treatment furnaces and ending in large rotary kilns and walking beam furnaces. The portfolio also includes essential accessories and components, especially for industrial gas and oil burners.
Thermo processing plants are mainly used in the following industries:
  • Iron and steel 
  • Non-ferrous metals 
  • Automotive and components 
  • Glass 
  • Ceramics and cement 
  • Chemical and petrochemical.

Association activities in China

VDMA Metallurgy pools relevant know-how for metallurgical machinery and plant construction in the foundry machinery, metallurgical plants and rolling mills, as well as thermo process technology sectors.
We advise, inform, network and additionally represent the interests of our members in the following strategic areas:
  • Standardisation and technical regulations
  • Market information, economy, statistics
  • Technology development and innovation.
We strive to boost the competitiveness and future viability of our member companies.
Our communication activities focus on the image of the sector, so too on the technological competence of member companies.
Specifically, we are in the position to offer our members exclusive services in the Chinese market.
1. Information service:
  • News from customer segments
  • General conditions for customer segments and metallurgical equipment suppliers
  • Data on the economic situation of organisations in the customer segments
  • Technical developments
  • Activities of non-German competitors.
2. Monitoring of general topics relevant to the metals industry
3. Organization of management meetings in China:
  • Networking of German companies in the marketplace
  • Local exchange of experience on relevant topics, e.g. IPR, human resources, sourcing, customer segments, etc.

Trade shows in China

VDMA Metallurgy together with the respective European associations supports the following trade shows in China.
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