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Second VDMA China Seminar about HR in China organized

22.12.2014 | id:6470518

In 2014 many member companies have approached VDMA China with questions like how to find suitable staff, how to retain staff and how to improve their HR strategies. To support our VDMA members in China in such questions we have decided to organize the second VDMA China Seminar about the topic “HR in China – the war for talents, successful recruitment and good HR Management”. Lectures of the HR consultants Hübner Consulting, Signium International, the head of HR Department VDMA Frankfurt as well as the member company Volkswagen and the law firm Beiten Burkhardt have given the participants an added value regarding their HR Management in China.

Mr. René Bernard of VDMA China has given an introductory lecture and presented several statistics about the labour market in China. The rising gross wages in China are one of the biggest problems for many VDMA companies in China. Yearly increases of salary levels between 5-20% in China have become a problem when the growth rates of companies is no more in relation to these figures.

Source: National Bureau of Statistics / Germany Trade and Invest

Mr. Bernard has also put a focus on HR in mechanical engineering by introducing different wage rates for mechanical engineers and sales engineers and the respective salary increases for each position in different cities.

Source: 51Job Salary Survey Report

Mr. Ralph Hübner, CEO of Hübner Consulting – Executive Search has introduced practical strategies for a good Employer Branding. A company website is often the starting point for many job candidates to get a first impression of a potential employer. Hence the website should be well-designed and also give a vivid impression by regularly posted news. Clean and neat facilities, a clear career development plan as well as transparent and true communication in the application process are further factors for a successful Employer Branding.

Mr. Oliver Liegel, Senior Consultant of Signium International has lectured about the topic of Talent Pooling as a preventive and future-oriented HRM (Human Resource Management) strategy. In times of talent shortage critical talent pipelines should be developed by companies to avoid future gaps in currently placed positions. Acquisition of external talent and development of internal talent are both ways to fill such a talent pipeline. Modern TMS (Talent Management Systems)-Software or at least a target company list could support companies in their talent pooling processes.  

Mr. Sven Laux, head of HR Department of VDMA Frankfurt went on introducing Interviewing Techniques and Know How for recruiters. Besides panel interviews, case interviews and stress interviews are structured interviews one of the best interview types. The symmetry of questions guarantees objective comparability of different interviews. With the concrete example of the three VDMA values “innovative, vital and binding” Mr. Laux has explained the evidence based approach of structured interviews. Last but not least should recruiters pay attention to cognitive bias like the halo effect, the primacy effect and the recency effect.

Mrs. Jenny Strebe, Head Personnel & Management Development of Volkswagen Group China has given insights into the Assessment Center (AC) concept of Volkswagen China. The aim of being a Top Employer is part of the Strategy 2018 of Volkswagen. Hence the VW Group has developed an own matrix to clarify its staff´ competencies between the both poles specialists skills and leadership skills. Different and up streamed development programs like a Mini MBA are part of the AC strategy of VW that consists of many different ACs for internal development as well as for external selection.

Mr. Tim Woeffen, German Attorney-at-Law at the Office Beijing of Beiten Burkhardt has finally presented pitfalls in Chinese labor contract law. Companies should use locally adapted contracts and also written contracts to avoid 200% remuneration in the worst case. The flexible working system allows companies to adapt the contracts to the working reality. Withholdings from Salary, the dissolution of a labor relationship as well as severance pay have been other topics of the lecture of Mr. Woeffen.

In his final statement Mr. Bernard has summed up that the second VDMA China Seminar about HR in China has again been a great success due to the interesting lectures, the discussions and the whole quality of the event.

Source of the image : VDMA China

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